Leroy, Ingham, Michigan



Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Chick, Amal Carl  1930Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I72
2 Chick, Leo Lavern  1930Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I2297
3 Chick, Melborn Amal  1930Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I2296
4 Cole, Esther Phoebe  1910Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I78
5 Coll, Edna Pearl  1920Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I4817
6 French, Laura Jane  1910Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I76
7 French, Laura Jane  1920Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I76
8 French, Laura Jane  1930Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I76
9 French, Laura Jane  1935Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I76
10 Pamment, Clarie Mae  1920Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I71
11 Pamment, Clarie Mae  1930Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I71
12 Pamment, Flossie I.  1910Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I75
13 Pamment, Flossie I.  26 Apr 1930Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I75
14 Pamment, Harold Samuel  1920Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I4818
15 Pamment, Howard Nathaniel  1910Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I77
16 Pamment, Howard Nathaniel  1920Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I77
17 Pamment, Hubert Cecil  1920Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I4819
18 Pamment, Leta Belle  1920Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I1153
19 Pamment, Noreen Esther  1930Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I4813
20 Pamment, Walter Nathaniel  1910Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I79
21 Pamment, Walter Nathaniel  1920Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I79
22 Pamment, Walter Nathaniel  1930Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I79
23 Pamment, Walter Nathaniel  1935Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I79
24 Pamment, William Daniel  1920Leroy, Ingham, Michigan I74