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NO USER ACCOUNT IS REQUIRED TO ACCESS THIS SITE. ENJOY NOW - THIS SITE EXPECTED TO RETIRE IN 2018. This website primarily documents the descendants of Edward Pamment (born about 1609) of Isleham, Cambridgeshire, England. While it has not been proven, at least three independent sources (descendants) shared the same oral tradition that their Pamment ancestors were French Huguenots who fled religious persecution and relocated to England. The Pamment family documented here lived in Isleham for about 300 years. Descendants today can be found primarily in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

The work that you see here began in 1981. At that time I knew little beyond the names of my maternal grandparents who had been dead for 50 years. But good fortune was right around the corner from the reference desk at the Society of Genealogists in London and the rest is -- family history! I have been fortunate over these 34 years to have had enthusiastic researchers contribute to this work -- from around the globe.

Over the years this tree, started as the Pamment tree, began to grow in other directions. I began to add my maternal Coll ancestors, primarily from Canada. Then I got interested in all of my maternal ancestors and especially those in New England. Of course, I did not want to overlook my father so I added the Novak family to this tree. And finally, I got involved in researching my wife's paternal European Jewish ancestry and her maternal English ancestry. Suddenly the tree was greater than the Pamment family of Isleham! I have broken the big tree into logical pieces on my computer(Steve Novak tree, etc.) but at the moment you have all 5,000+ individuals on the tree at this site.

My suggestion is that you start by entering a name in the Search field as this site has a searchable database. Alternatively, you can view the surname list. While you are here take the time to read the stories about the theory of the origin of the Pamment surname and my own personal quest - A Needle in a Haystack. If you enjoy old photographs take a peek at our section. And we would love to feature your Pamment family photos as well!

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